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Sheila Robinson-Kiss MSW, LCSW


Sheila Robinson-Kiss, MSW, LCSW, is an MSNBC-featured mental health expert, award-winning orator, and the author of five books. She is a mental health practitioner and educator, focused on advancing wellness initiatives on a grassroots, national, and global scale.

Mrs. Robinson-Kiss is the founder and CEO of the Rebalancing America and Beyond Initiative, created to inspire and teach people to take responsibility for their mental health, as well as how they think, feel, and live. As a result of her commitment and success as a licensed health and wellness practitioner, innovator, programming consultant, and transformational retreat leader, she was named a Citrin Cooperman Woman at the Wheel in 2019 and a Leading Woman Entrepreneur for the State of New Jersey in 2017. Mrs. Robinson-Kiss is a life transformation expert on the YouTube platform and was honored at the Clinton Presidential Center in Arkansas with a World Woman Summit Keynote in 2017. As an educator and program development consultant with over 20 years of experience, through the use of modern resources, she has launched live and online platform training programs that have reached over 600,000 individuals.

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