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Sebastian Ocklenburg, Ph.D.


Sebastian Ocklenburg, Ph.D., is a professor for research methods in psychology at the Department of Psychology at MSH Medical School
Hamburg, Germany. Dr. Ocklenburg obtained his doctorate from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany and has worked at the Bergen fMRI Group at the University of Bergen in Norway. His research focuses broadly on hemispheric asymmetries in the language and motor systems, including handedness. Much of his research is focused on the development of hemispheric asymmetries, and the genetic and epigenetic factors that shape it. Furthermore, his research examines the neurophysiology of hemispheric asymmetries using neuroimaging techniques such as fMRI, DTI, and EEG. He has also investigated the role of stress on hemispheric asymmetries, as well as comparative research on handedness and language lateralization. Through his research, he aims to generate knowledge that will provide a better understanding of the organization of the human brain. Dr. Ocklenburg’s work has been published in international peer-reviewed journals such as Neuron, Science Advances, Neuroimage, eLife, and Laterality. He has also written a major textbook on hemispheric asymmetries titled “The Lateralized Brain: The Neuroscience and Evolution of Hemispheric Asymmetries,” and several book chapters on hemispheric asymmetries. He has presented his research at several scholarly conferences such as the meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, the annual meeting of the organization for human brain mapping, and the North Sea Laterality Meeting.

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