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Sarah Greenberg, MFT


Sarah Greenberg is a licensed psychotherapist and leadership coach focused on mental health and wellbeing related to work. “Work” can be the tasks we perform at our day job, or it can be the larger work of our lives—the relationships we cultivate, our internal development, and the impact we hope to leave behind.

Sarah’s integrative approach, focus on large-scale impact, and motivation for making the science of human development accessible is informed by her rigorous training in Prevention Science at Harvard University combined with her immersion in mind-body psychotherapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

In addition to her clinical and coaching practices, Sarah consults organizations seeking to move the needle on mental health and wellbeing or seeking to conduct qualitative research to better meet the needs of their users. As a consultant, Sarah's work is informed by her lifelong study of psychology, as well as her half-decade building scalable offerings at award-winning start-ups. Sarah most recently served as Lead Coach, Program Design Lead, and People Scientist for BetterUp—a science-based, whole-person focused development platform for employees—where her work included developing programs designed to change lives, ongoing research, and leading workshops at international conferences and organizations.

Sarah loves distilling complex science and theory into tangible, accessible language, and is a frequent contributor to national media outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Inc, and Quartz.

In Sarah’s own Life’s Work, she’s grateful to have found a career that feels like a calling. She is also a mom to three daughters (one of the four-legged variety), a volunteer program director at World Altering Medicine, a bookworm, and a mindfulness practitioner. She lives with her husband and children in Northern California.

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