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Samuel Paul Veissière Ph.D.


An interdisciplinary anthropologist and cognitive scientist, Dr. Veissière studies social dimensions of cognition, consciousness, and human well-being through a variety of projects including placebo effects and hypnosis, the impact of the Internet on human wellbeing and behaviour, the mental health of Millennials and Generation Z, gender and mental health, and the theoretical study of cultural evolution. Having first earned a PhD in anthropology, he completed postdoctoral studies in cognitive and behavioural science with additional training in contemplative science, clinical hypnosis, cultural psychiatry, public health, and cognitive neuroscience. He has worked with such varied populations as street children, indigenous peoples in the Arctic and the Amazon, children with neurodevelopmental disorders, Tibetan Buddhist monks in the Indian Himalayas, and people who intentionally conjure friendly auditory hallucinations.

He has published broadly and spoken in the media on novel theories and experimental findings on cultural evolution, social dimensions of attention, cognition, mental health, and healing, and on the impact of the internet and new technologies on human sociality and well-being.

Dr. Veissière also works in scientific knowledge translation through public speaking and behavioural consulting for ethical businesses and organizations.

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