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Sally Augustin Ph.D.


Sally Augustin, Ph.D., is a practicing environmental psychologist who has consulted with individuals as well as organizations to create places where people thrive and objects that they cherish. Sally is a principal at Design With Science (, where her consulting work focuses on incorporating important psychological considerations into the design of places and objects. Dr. Augustin is co-founder of The Space Doctors (; The Space Doctors share practical, science-informed, design-related information with people who can directly apply it to improve their own lives. As the editor of Research Design Connections (, she has written widely on science-based design for a broad audience of people interested in the designed world. Her Research Design Connections blog is read by thousands of individuals each month. Dr. Augustin also holds leadership positions in professional organizations such as the American Psychological Association (environmental psychology division) and the Environmental Design Research Association. In addition to speaking on person-centered design at major professional conferences in Europe, Asia, and North America, she has been interviewed on national television and radio programs. Sally is a graduate of Wellesley College (BA), Northwestern University (MBA), and Claremont Graduate University (PhD). Dr. Augustin is the author of Designology (2019) and Place Advantage: Applied Psychology for Interior Architecture (2009). She can be reached at

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