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Ruth Lee Johnson J.D.


Ruth Lee Johnson, J.D., is a graduate of Harvard Law School and an attorney practicing in Seattle, WA. A prolific writer, Ruth published her first short story in the Seattle Times when she was only 16 years old, subsequently skipped two consecutive grades in school, and applied to law school at age 19. At age 23, she was awarded the 2012 Irving Oberman Writing Award for her writing. By that time, her articles had been published in the Miami Law Review, Marquette Elder's Advisor Law Review, Barry Law Review, Harvard Business Law Review, and the Review of Banking and Financial Law. During law school, she was awarded paid student fellowships with the Olin Center for Law, Economic & Business, as well as with the Project on the Foundations of Private Law. Ruth also holds degrees in mathematics and political science, and nurtures a life-long passion for psychoanalytical theory and psychology, particularly in their interaction with law and politics.

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