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Robert W. Firestone Ph.D.


Robert W. Firestone, Ph.D., psychologist and author, has been affiliated with The Glendon Association as its consulting theorist since its inception. His innovative ideas related to psychotherapy, couple and family relationships, suicide, parenting, and existential issues have been the inspiration and cornerstone of Glendon's research and publications.

Firestone's major works, including The Fantasy Bond, Voice Therapy, Combating Destructive Thought Processes, The Enemy Within, Compassionate Child Rearing and many other books, articles, and video presentations, outline a fully realized and comprehensive theory on neurosis and human development. His studies on negative thought processes and their associated affect have led to the development of Voice Therapy , an advanced therapeutic methodology to uncover and contend with aspects of self destructive and self limiting behaviors.

Firestone has applied his concepts to empirical research and to developing the Firestone Assessment of Self-destructive Thoughts (FAST) , and the Firestone Assessment of Violent Thoughts (FAVT) scales that assesses suicide potential and violence potential (published by PAR) . He co-authored Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice, Creating A Life of Meaning and Compassion: the Wisdom of Psychotherapy, Fear of Intimacy ; Sex and Love and Intimate Relationships and The Self Under Seige with Lisa Firestone, Ph.D., and Joyce Catlett. His latest works include Overcoming the Destructive Inner Voice and most recently The Enemy Within :Separation Theory and Voice Therapy .

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