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Peter Noel Murray Ph.D.


Peter Noel Murray, Ph.D., is principal of a consumer psychology practice in New York City; providing consulting and market research to corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

The focus of Dr. Murray’s work is the psychological drivers of consumer behavior, with emphasis on emotion. This approach is applied to concept and advertising evaluation, branding, new products, and all other areas of market research.

Dr. Murray has based his work on the principle that if we understand how consumers think, we can predict their behavior. To achieve these insights, he has taken psychological research techniques from clinical practice and adapted them for market research.

Dr. Murray has consulted and conducted research studies for companies including Pfizer, SAP, Ricoh, BBDO Worldwide, Toshiba, and Reader’s Digest (selected examples).

Dr. Murray also brings a real-world marketing perspective to his work. Previous positions include SVP at the Interpublic agency Avrett, Free & Ginsberg as well as marketing positions at Kraft General Foods and the Mennen Company (Colgate).

His writing has been published in Advertising Age and the magazine of the American Marketing Association.

Dr. Murray is a member of the American Psychological Association and The Society for Consumer Psychology.

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