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Patricia Wright Ph.D., MPH


Patricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH, is executive director of Proof Positive, a national non-profit that works to integrate and expand well-being programming for autistic individuals and their communities. Her commitment to ensuring that all individuals with autism have access to effective services and supports has guided her work for more than 30 years, from her earliest responsibilities as a special educator to state and national-level program management. Her advocacy work includes the management in the design of a statewide system of support for children with autism in Hawaii, several years as the National Director of Autism Services for Easter Seals, and industry positions leveraging technology. Wright has held advisory roles with a number of professional associations and advocacy groups, including the Organization for Autism Research's Scientific Council, the Executive Committee for the Friends of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Board of Directors for the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts, and the Autism Society Panel of Professional Advisors. She has provided expert testimony at Congressional hearings and is a frequent media contributor, raising awareness of effective intervention for those living with disabilities.

Wright received her Ph.D. and Master of Public Health degrees at the University of Hawaii. Her research focuses on the delivery of evidence-based interventions in community-based settings and healthcare access for people with disabilities.

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