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Melissa Burkley Ph.D.


Melissa Burkley, Ph.D., received her doctoral degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a professor, she has conducted hundreds of scientific studies and her work has been featured in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and Men's Health. She has also appeared on Oprah Radio and Martha Stewart Radio and co-authored the book “Motivation Science” published by Pearson.

As a writer, her work has appeared in Poets & Writers Magazine, Hinnom Magazine, and the 2017 Women in Horror Annual, as well as in The Psychology of Dexter, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Twilight books. Her personal blog, entitled "The Writer's Laboratory," teaches authors how to improve their writing by incorporating psychological principles into their work. Because of her dual-expertise in psychology and storytelling, she is frequently sought after by film companies who want a psychological analysis of their movies and characters

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