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Matthew J. Sharps Ph.D.


Matthew Sharps, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at California State University, Fresno, teaches cognitive psychology, forensic cognitive science, and the history of psychology. He served as a National Institutes of Health research associate at the University of Colorado, and has taught at the University of Wyoming, Alliant International University, and Fresno Pacific University. He has given invited addresses at Stanford University, Stockholm University, NASA-Ames, the Guardia Finanza of the Italian federal police, the South African Police Service, and the United States Air Force Academy. He is an Associate Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and a diplomate and fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute. He has published extensively on eyewitness cognition, tactical cognition, and IED detection. He is the author of over two hundred publications, proceedings abstracts, presentations, and two books, including Processing Under Pressure: Stress, Memory, and Decision Making in Law Enforcement (2nd ed., 2017, Looseleaf Law Publishers). Dr. Sharps has consulted in nearly two hundred criminal cases in California and elsewhere, and served as a research consultant to the Fresno Police Department. His research interests include the extension of forensic psychological principles to representation theory and to the cognitive bases of observation and interpretation in the sciences.

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