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Liza Morton Ph.D.


Liza Morton, Ph.D., is a Chartered (BPS) & Registered (HCPC) Counselling Psychologist with over 17 years experience of providing psychological therapy currently working in independent practice. She is a part-time psychology lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University contributing to their doctoral training program in Counselling Psychology. She also holds a Ph.D. by research from the University of Glasgow. Her recent research interests include promoting what she terms Psychologically Informed Medicine to mitigate medical trauma and improve mental health, particularly for people living with lifelong medical conditions. Recent work includes exploring the impact of the hospital gowns on patient well-being, leading the development of the Neuroception of Psychological Safety Scale (NPSS), and exploring the impact of Covid-19 on people with long-term health conditions.

Morton is a passionate health advocate for improved healthcare, psychological support, and social inclusion for people with Congenital Heart Disease, and has successfully campaigned for National Healthcare Standards in Scotland, as well as voluntarily sitting on several health committees. She recently co-authored the book Healing Hearts and Minds: A holistic approach to coping well with congenital heart disease, published by Oxford University Press, New York.

Morton was born with a heart condition and she was fitted with her first cardiac pacemaker at just 11 days old, a world first at the time. She has depended on pioneering medical care since, requiring countless medical interventions and surgeries.

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