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Kenneth Worthy Ph.D.


Kenneth Worthy, Ph.D., author of Invisible Nature: Healing the Destructive Divide between People and the Environment, is a research associate at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and teaches environmental history, philosophy, and ethics at UC Santa Cruz, St. Mary’s College of California, and UC Berkeley. Invisible Nature has been hailed as “a tour de force” and “required reading” by environmental thought leaders. While it bridges the gulf between humans and nature, Ken's research also joins diverse fields of inquiry—psychology, anthropology, classics, ecopsychology, philosophy, environmental ethics, and environmental science—and includes an innovative look at what Milgram’s famous obedience experiments say about environmental crisis. Ken has traveled to hundreds of places around the world, from dry-cultivated orchards on a Hopi desert mesa to flood-irrigated rice terraces on Balinese hillsides, observing how modern and non-modern cultures think about and shape nature and how nature in turn defines human possibilities. He earned his Ph.D. in environmental humanities at UC Berkeley.

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