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Justin James Kennedy, Ph.D., D.Prof.


Justin James Kennedy, Ph.D., is a professor of applied neuroscience and organizational behavior at UGSM-Monarch Business School, College & University, in Hagedorn, Zug, Switzerland. He is also the professor of applied neuroscience and a Ph.D. supervisor with Canterbury Christchurch University in the U.K.

His book, Brain Re-Boot, is an overview of neuroscience that proposes various applications from behavioral neuroscience, neuroeconomics, social neuroscience, and health neuroscience. He offers brain-based tools, shown to build resilience to stress-related pathology and improve cognitive performance in organizational life. This is all underpinned by his model of "Performance-Wellness".

His academic work defined the model of "Organisational Wellbeing Neuroscience," as described in the academic textbook, The Handbook of Organisational Wellbeing. (SAGE publ.). His research informs his executive coaching processes and his clinical practice in neuro-behavioral analysis. After his TEDx talk, he speaks at conferences and consults globally to multi-national organizations on topics related to "Performance-Wellness" in the workplace.

Books by Justin James Kennedy, Ph.D., D.Prof.
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