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Joachim I Krueger Ph.D.


Joachim I. Krueger is Professor of Psychology at Brown University (Ph.D. University of Oregon, 1988) and a faculty member of Brown's Executive Master's program in Science & Technology Leadership, EMSTL. His research is focused on inductive reasoning in social context. Topics include self-perception, intergroup relations, and game theoretic applications to social behavior. He has edited a volume on The Self in Social Judgment, Psychology Press, 2005 (with M. Alicke and D. Dunning), a festschrift for Robyn Dawes (Rationality and Social Responsibility, Psychology Press, 2008), a volume on Social Judgment and Decision Making (2012), and special issues in Social Cognition (2009; 2015). Krueger believes that most research participants behave rationally in psychological experiments. From time to time, though, he enjoys a healthy dose of incoherence within himself and others. He is the second most interesting man in the world.

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