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Jeff Comer Psy.D.


Jeff Comer, PsyD, is no stranger to the effects of stress on health. Having held positions for over 20 years as a hospital CEO, he’s witnessed firsthand not only the massive toll of disease states in patients whose stress goes unmitigated but also upon the health care leaders who cared for them.

It’s with this unique perspective that he pursued his Psy.D., intent on discovering the neurochemical components of stress and burnout. His dissertational focus was on mindfulness techniques to ameliorate PTSD symptoms in combat veterans—arguably the most stressed group of professionals in the world.

It’s his mission to blend scholarship with a deep and visceral understanding of the realities of stress and burnout—particularly in the workplace. Coupling his psychology degrees with an MBA from Washington University at St. Louis, he distinctly understands the full spectrum of complexity among all stakeholders when it comes to professional burnout, the impact of stress on work performance, and conversely the impact of career stress on an individual’s total well-being.

He has spoken on the topic of stress and burnout for multiple health care organizations, including the Medical Group Management Association, and has written many articles on stress and leadership for publications such as Yahoo Finance, AP News, and Thrive Global.

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