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Janina Larissa Bühler, Ph.D., is fascinated by the dynamic interplay between personality and romantic relationships. In her research, she studies the processes that foster personality and relationship development across the life span, and explores the stories that people tell about themselves and their relationships. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Basel (Switzerland). Additional to her strong research focus, Janina is trained as a couple therapist, which allows her connecting research and practice more directly. She has now been awarded with a fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation, which allows her to conduct an 18-month research project at Heidelberg University, the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, and Yale University.

The research that Janina and her co-authors conduct has been published in top academic journals including American Psychologist, the Journal of Research in Personality, and the European Journal of Personality. Her research is further featured in popular news outlets in Europe and the US, such as the EJP Blog or the JSPR Relationship Matters Podcast.

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