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Gil Greengross Ph.D.


Dr. Gil Greengross is an evolutionary psychologist from Aberystwyth University. His interdisciplinary research bridges traditional fields of study such as psychology, anthropology and biology, and his studies focus on the adaptive value of humor and laughter, mainly in the context of sexual selection and mating.

Dr. Greengross is also fascinated by the life and personalities of stand-up comedians as we can learn a lot from people who have extreme humor ability.

Dr. Greengross won the 2007 Graduate Student Award at the International Society for Humor Studies conference and was invited to give two lectures at the International Summer School and Symposium on Humor and Laughter. He has also designed and taught several popular college-level classes on the psychology of humor.

For the Hebrew speakers among you, Dr. Greengross has another blog where he writes about science, psychology and evolutionary psychology. You can find it here:

Read more about Dr. Greengross here.

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