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ELAINE SHPUNGIN, PH.D., is the founder and director of Conflict 180.

Elaine is passionate about contributing to a future in which we address conflict more constructively and restoratively.

Her dream is: "Restorative Circles in Congress!"

Her journey towards her own Restorative Shift has led her to be a student and teacher of effective communication, deep listening, and equity for more than two decades.

Since 2009, she has been supporting justice systems, schools, university units, organizations, and communities in making their own Restorative Shifts by incorporating best practices from multiple fields, including restorative practices, justice, leadership, and diversity science.

Elaine's writing has appeared in academic journals, scholarly books, web magazines, popular books on psychology, and blogs.

She is also the proud parent of two kids, 14 and 9, who give her lots of opportunity to practice constructive (and destructive) conflict approaches at home.

In 2016, Elaine founded Conflict 180, with the goal of supporting schools, families, and communities in finding constructive ways to address conflict and restoring dignity and cohesion following acts of harm.

You can reach Elaine by emailing

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