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Playwright E. E. Smith has written numerous plays including Playtime in London; Boardinghouse Stew; Wartime Recipes; The Temperate Zone (based on Edith Wharton's short story); Ghost Writers (based on two stories by Wharton and Henry James), among many others. Her plays have been performed throughout the country. A New Edition of her first novel, Boardinghouse Stew, along with the sequel, Times LikeThese, was published in the fall of 2011. A memoir, In Love and War, followed in 2012. A new series of murder mysteries debuted in November of 2013 with Death by Misadventure, followed by Bad Blood, Russian Roulette, and Prescription for Murder in 2014. Brand new editions of Boardinghouse Stew and Times Like These came out as e-books in 2015.

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