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Diana Partington LPC


Diana Partington, LPC-MHSP, is a licensed professional counselor in private practice and author who is loves teaching DBT skills. She has been offering adherent dialectical behavior therapy to clients in Nashville since 2012.

Diana earned her Master’s in Counseling from Vanderbilt University, where she wrote her Master’s Thesis on effective teaching of DBT Skills. While in graduate school, Diana explored a variety of DBT groups and found they can often be rather dry and dull. She brought her background in theater into groups and was determined to teach skills in ways that are lively and engaging. For the last decade, she has used experiential activities, discussion, stories, and media to engage clients in a deep dive into DBT Skills.

Her critically acclaimed book DBT for Life: Skills to Transform the Way You Live is full of colorful illustrations, short stories, graphics, and explanations that make learning DBT skills fun and engaging. DBT for Life is available everywhere books are sold.

Diana loves teaching DBT Skills Online. Her small format DBT skills training groups run for 12 months at a time with open enrollment. These intimate groups offer a deep dive into skills, positive reinforcement for using skills, and a strong sense of community. She also offers 10-week large group webinars to make DBT skills accessible for clients on a tight budget. Clients are referred to the groups and webinars by their therapists to supplement their individual work.

Diana also provides trainings to therapists on how to incorporate DBT into their individual and group therapy, as well as residential treatment centers that want to improve their DBT programming.

Her company, DBT for Life, is focused on providing clients across the globe with opportunities to learn DBT Skills. ONLINE Skills training classes and Webinars are supplemented by articles, on-demand classes, videos, social media, a podcast, and other resources offered on the web, as well as her book DBT for Life: Skills to transform the way you live.

Diana grew up in Asia and Central America and brings an inclusive sensibility to everything she does. She not only teaches DBT skills, she uses them everyday. She credits DBT with saving her life when she went through DBT as a client, bedbfore becoming a therapist. She lives in Nashville with her cat Beans where she is writing a Daily DBT Reader, Get Skillful: Daily reminders to use DBT skills.

To learn more about Diana, her projects, and DBT, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @SufferingOptional.

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