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Cecilie Steenbuch Traberg


Cecilie Steenbuch Traberg is a Ph.D. student in Psychology at the University of Cambridge, where she researches how groups act as sources of influence on our judgements and beliefs. Among other topics, she studies how intergroup biases impact our ability to assess the veracity of (mis)information, as well as how external and internal social cues affect perceptions of truth. Her research is funded by the Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholarship and the Economic and Social Research Council.

Prior to her Ph.D., Cecilie received her MPhil in Psychology from the University of Cambridge, and she holds an MSc in Social Cognition from University College London, as well as a BSc in Marketing with Psychology from the University of Lancaster. Cecilie has work experience in both academia, including leading a multinational project on collective intelligence at Copenhagen Business School, and industry, such as her role as a language analyst in the technology and analytics firm Relative Insight.

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