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Beth Kurland Ph.D.


Beth Kurland, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, TedX and public speaker, mind-body coach, and author of four books. Her newest book is You Don’t Have to Change to Change Everything: Six Ways to Shift Your Vantage Point, Stop Striving for Happy, and Find True Well-Being. She is also the author of three award-winning books: Dancing on the Tightrope, The Transformative Power of Ten Minutes, An Eight Week Guide to Reducing Stress and Cultivating Well-Being; and Gifts of the Rain Puddle.

With a passion for and expertise in mindfulness and mind-body strategies, she brings over three decades of experience to help people cultivate whole-person health and wellness. Drawing on research and practices from mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and polyvagal theory, she teaches people practical tools to grow the inner resources for resilience and well-being. Audio courses, meditations, and free resources are available on her website.

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