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Dr Angelica Attard, Psy.D., is a Clinical Psychologist who trained and works in London, United Kindgom. She has over 10 years of clinical experience during which she has met and worked with people from countries around the world, with a range of physical and mental health problems. She started off her career working in the public health sector with individuals and families who experience schizophrenia and perinatal mental health problems. She then opened her own private practice where she now specializes in working with professionals from legal, financial, consultancy, technology, and academic sectors who struggle with depression, anxiety, burnout, perfectionism, self-criticism, shame, relationship problems, and unresolved trauma.

Angelica has recognized that no matter what background, career, age, gender, and mental health diagnosis, ultimately people are people who have a common challenge of trying to manage their tricky human brains that come with a range of needs, emotions, and struggles. Angelica is passionate about using the insight she gained from her clinical experience, training, and personal life, to help individuals navigate through life with greater ease and effectiveness. She is dedicated to using her writing to translate complex psychological concepts into an accessible language that can support human beings with being human.

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