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Alan J. Steinberg M.D.


Alan J. Steinberg, M.D., is an Internal Medicine, primary-care physician practicing in Beverly Hills, California. His first book was a non-fiction consumer’s guide, The Insider’s Guide to HMOs. It was well received and helped sway the direction health care was heading in the late nineties. The book garnered him a short season of fame, including an interview with Matt Lauer on "The Today Show," a segment on ABC’s "20/20," an hour-long interview on C-SPAN, and a whirlwind of other appearances on nationally televised shows and radio interviews. His most recent book is To Be Enlightened, a novel best described as a work of visionary fiction that has received glowing reviews.

Dr. Steinberg lives with his wife of over thirty-five years in Los Angeles, California. They are the proud parents of three young adults.

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