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Alan Goldman, Ph.D., is a professor of management and faculty director of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University at the West Campus in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Alan Goldman's two most recently published books are: Transforming Toxic Leaders (Stanford University Press, 2009) and Destructive Leaders and Dysfunctional Organizations: A Therapeutic Perspective. (Cambridge University Press, U.K, 2010). Goldman's research and expertise in toxic leadership and troubled organizations is further reflected in his numerous publications ranging from chapters in books, to journal articles (e.g., Organizational Dynamics; Journal of Management Inquiry; Journal of Managerial Psychology); and serving as Guest Editor for a special issue on "destructive leaders and dysfunctional organizations" (Journal of Managerial Psychology). Goldman has also written numerous articles for business and corporate newspapers, Dr. Alan Goldman also served as chief "Trade Around the World" Writer for the Bush Administration (41) and the Christopher Columbus Quincentennial Jubilee Commission, as a featured expert and writer in the administration's international publication of diplomacy, Five Hundred.

Alan Goldman has received international recognition for his research, writing, teaching, consulting and executive coaching. Over the past five years he has been the recipient of two "best paper awards" from the Academy of Management, Management Consulting Division. Goldman's publications and award winning papers feature case studies based upon his management consulting with Fortune 500s and executive coaching with CEOs, trial attorneys, surgeons, engineers; law enforcement; professors, university administrators, and professionals spanning organizations in the U.S., Japan, Israel and the E.C (e.g., Nissan-North America., Nissan - U.K.; Nissan-Japan; Sumitomo, JVC, Amada Corporation; Nippon Mining; Tai Sei Corporation; Tokyo Electron; Nikisso Medical; Aoki; Johnson Wax; Mountain Bell; Intel; Honeywell; IBM; General Electric; Bull; Motorola; King Soopers Thunderbird School of International Management; Pets Mart; and John C. Lincoln Medical Institute; , Notably, in Spring, 2010, Goldman was chosen as one of three professors at Arizona State University to deliver the revered, annual "Last Lecture." Goldman has also been the recipient of two grant stipends for advanced research by the National Institute for the Humanities (NIH) allowing him to work with noted scholars from around the world.

Unique to Goldman's approach to consulting and executive coaching is his background and licensure in counseling psychology. He creates bridges, between organizational behavior, leadership and counseling psychology. In his books for Stanford and Cambridge University Presses, Goldman makes it clear that destructive companywide behavior and dysfunctional individual executive behavior do not necessarily fall within the range of "normal disturbances.". In fact, in some of Goldman's consulting cases leadership misbehavior signifies psychopathology. Goldman contends that few if any "one night stand workshops," "weekend hotel courses," or "emotional intelligence training programs" can pierce more serious pathologies, psychopathic behavior; OCD, clinical depression, or deeply entrenched dysfunctional organizational policies. Goldman's writings typically feature a true-to-life consulting or executive coaching case where the causes of toxicity may be quite complex, require a differential diagnosis and moreover necessitate highly creative and outside-the-box interventions.

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