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Adam Fetterman, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Houston. Dr. Fetterman's research interests lie at the intersection of social, personality, and cognitive psychology. Utilizing methods from each of these fields, he investigates the various social cognitive processes involved in how people make sense of their world. The major areas he focuses on here are metaphor, nostalgia, mental imagery, and the combination of these topics. He also investigates the causes and consequences of wrongness admission, in relation to reputation and emotion.

Aside from these two main programs of research, he likes to dive into a variety of interesting and timely topics. A current project is focused on dual identity and educational outcomes and reactions to political policy. Additional and previous topics include post-apocalyptic and doomsday prepping beliefs, political ideology, evolution, embodiment, religion and atheism, narcissism, cooperation/competition, prosocial behavior, social power, rationality, meta-science, and linguistic analysis. An upcoming short-term project will focus on the reality and fiction of "PC culture."

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