Sex is like anything else - something the mind tells us we need and then justifies by saying, "or else the human race would come to a screeching halt if there were no more babies being born."

We are far from needing to worry about that. Given the few people in the world that actually are celibate , and watching the peacefulness and quality of their lives, if 1% of the normal world population became celibate we would make amazing spiritual progress and raise the vibration of the human race. Then we could have babies born into a higher vibration society.

Sex is no different than food. It's an addiction, a lower item on the totem pole that we don't need much of yet the mind convinces us we do. We hardly need any food to live - the longest living people fast all the time and rarely eat anything.
It's a symptom of our western society, big surprise.

After spending 20 years having lots of sex and lots of different types of relationships, I am at the point where I see relationships (romantic relationships) to be drama that saps my energy. I'm only a 41 year old male but my heart is tired of it and wants to be free to rise above the mind strata and the drama.

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