I am not usually moved to reply to blog articles. However, whilst I have great respect for Christian Jarrett and his many excellent articles, and book, this article does not give a complete multi-disciplinary review of current scientific understanding, and I disagree with its conclusions.

Any discussion of this area is incomplete without having read the seminal work by UK Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist "The Master and His Emissary". Many good video interviews and articles available online for a summary, but his book remains a superb integration of science and the evolution of human society. As Iain says, he expected some debates about his book, which is why he wrote 500 pages and included 2,500 references. But it makes fascinating and very thought provoking reading as a result.

His work matches the conclusions of US psychiatrists Dan Seigel and Allan Schore, amongst others, working from UCLA. Highly recommended to attend their conferences when they visit the UK or read any of their work. Again, much available online. Like Iain, they are involved through their ongoing clinical work in the practical application of these ideas in working with human beings, not just debating the statistical validity of a particular piece of research. Dan Seigel had a team of 10 interns search through 2000 articles to validate his recent 2nd release of The Developing Mind, and like Iain can debate publically and very articulately the depth of these ideas.

Both of these sources take in a very broad and thorough review of multi-discipinary scientific understanding, and present different conclusions to those presented here. There are fundamental differences but as ever the reality is not straightforward and not what might be expected.

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