I would be more apt to believe this article if it were error-free. It has a couple vocabulary issues. Maybe the author needed to access his left brain a bit more? He failed to use the correct term for his very awkward phrase, 'an aha flash of insight', which is "epiphany"! Also, there is no such thing as a "chicken coup", unless chickens are smarter than we previously believed and are now planning some sort of hostile takeover. Chickens dwell in a chicken "coop".

Another problem with this article is that you're going to have a tough time convincing anyone of your point if you can't allow for some middle ground. How do you cross a canyon from Point A to Point B without a bridge? There is nothing persuasive about absolutes. To start the article by completely dismissing the left brain/right brain theory as a "myth" is to set yourself up for failure. The left and right brain are two separate hemispheres with differing roles that cooperate in an intricate fashion. Some people, however, favor one side or the other, hence they are left or right-brained. Others favor different sides for different tasks; these people are middle-brained. That concept was completely ignored.

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