I'm done research in the scientific literature of today for my BA-thesis on music and language in the brain. The idea that seems to pop up in this article is that the right hemisphere only does things like emphasis and intonation.
This is, however, not true. In fact I've found out that most of the important language areas in the left side of the brain are represented in the right hemisphere as well. For example, the areas of Wernicke (meaning of words) and Broca (grammar) aren't only activated by language in the left hemisphere, but on the same place in the right hemisphere as well (bilateral activation). Not to mention the areas of Herschl in which sounds get decided on whether it's a language sound, a musical sound or another kind of sound. This is near both ears.
It's gets even weirder, because it seems that not only language is busy there. Also music use the Broca areas (musical grammar) and there seems to be some evidence that the Wernicke area works with music as well. But I couldn't find information to really prove this idea about Wernicke.

Anyway, it /does/ seem to be the case that within these bilateral areas of Herschl and Broca music activates the right side slightly more and language the left side. This is, however, not yet statistically proven.

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