the whole problem of this article is its very premise-- a metaphor = myth = untruth = in need of empirical, rationally-driven "de-bunking" = path to truth.
all of which is poorly thought-out, very limited, scientism, which ironically falls into the very imbalance in intelligence and being which is best and most readily/easily describable by the very METAPHOR that it seeks to throw into the refuse pile: left & right thinking.

the theory was 'debunked' as a literal neurologically disparate map all the way back shortly after it was proposed in the 1950s. what is compelling, urgently relevant, and deeply intelligent about it and those who continue to apply it to understand being human and how to be human well, is that it is extremely descriptive and immediate as a tool to identify WAYS OF KNOWING AND BEING.

these ways of knowing and being are most maligned are those assigned to the 'right' side-- and those are also the very same that are skewed and eskewed as irrelevant by those who apply empirical, logical, and rational epistemology, or ways of knowing, as if they define and delimit the entire thing called knowing. and by extension, being.

which means: scientism. the over-use and mis-use of what laypeople (and some actual scientists) think that the era of the enlightenment established (but in fact DID NOT): everything that exists, and how i know how to optimize that existence, is knowable through rational, scientific-method-based, empirical measurement and investigation.

it is not. nor is it prescriptive for how to be most fully alive. enter: metaphor, aesethetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, meaning, philosophy, intuition, emotion, suPRA-rational, suPRA-logical thinking/understanding/perception, etc.

enter: being fully human, fully alive, and recovering from the "debunking" trash bin all that is assigned and maligned as "merely" "right" brained. see? excellent, extremely useful and agile metaphor for revealing bias and power in our multi-dimensional ways of knowing.

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