Whose bright idea was it to start this whole doughnut hole thing? My question for him/her is: If I were in imminent danger of a heart attack, stroke or other catastrophic medical emergency, and I could not afford the full price of the necessary medication, should I just DIE???? I recently was in danger of losing eyesight in my eye, and the drops prescribed were prohibitively expensive ($800.00+0). Fortunately I overercame the worst danger, though my eye is still bad, But was Mr./Ms. Doughnut Hole suggesting I should go ahead and lose my eyesight????? My severe chronic back pain has become almost unbearable because Cymbalta, which I was taking, would now cost me $192.50; out of sight, for me. I am presently self-medicating with Vicodin, a strong, addictive pain pill; needless to say, I am NOT happy!!!
Please, Mr/Ms Doughnut Hole, what would YOU do if you were me? (only logical answers/explanations necessary; if you have none, shut yoour face and resign whatever position you are in, and let some REAL, LOGICAL, EMPATHETC person take over!