Yep they always know the best solution to any situation (just ask them) even when they can be made to see the error in their thinking, decisions, they STILL will refuse th change the game plan, even when it costs them dearly in terms of losses both financially or in relationships. Truthfully the only salvation in my particular situation is the fact that age has mellowed him somewhat and having our relationship almost end he has become a bit more open minded than ever before. (There are days I think that I should of ended this YEARS ago.) After 20 years I can deal with most of his nar. ways, it is the infidelity that has become the deal breaker for me. One more chance in that category if it surfaces again I'm done. When talking about their "entitlement" I see no mention of this part of their "I deserve everything I want" mentality. Oh and the fact that everything wrong in his life has been blamed on me-it doesn't matter to me that most don't understand the reality of being married to someone like this because God and I both know the truth. Am I perfect? Far from it but I have the insight to seek the knowledge needed to improve my situation. He has no such acknowledged insight (to actually own it would be too much for them). They are one tough nut to crack. I read somewhere once that to survive in these relationships you have to lower your expectations of them, they will never be who you wish (or pretended to be when we met). I don't believe he chooses to be this way simply the legacy handed fron one generation to the next and unfortunately I most likely cannot prevent my boys from being somewhat like their father. Make the best out of what you have when you don't choose to leave. That's all one can ask for.