Thank you for this! I have tried to explain this to others unsuccessfully, so this should certainly help.

Questions related to this topic but of a different vein:

I know that those without any healthy emotional relationships are going against the tide when "venturing out", but do you think that it is ultimately fruitless and perhaps unwise? As in, maybe their goal, so to speak, should be to form secure attachments (or at least one) before pursuing anything else? "Anything else" might seem to be too extreme, but I believe that it might be the healthiest way of approaching life for those who are insecure.

Then again, how would someone with an insecure attachment style even begin to try to form healthy alliances in this world when it is full of those who do not give a damn about developing healthy relationships anyway? (That's definitely my experience. Like I really needed to note that!)

What do you think of attempts by those with insecure attachment styles to attain an "earned secure" status?

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