Thanks for a great article! Always looking for ways to reinforce to clients why it is ESSENTIAL to focus and invest on making your relationships as healthy as possible...through resiliency skills training, emotional and gender intelligence, doing stress-reducing activities to create wellness and balance, and spending time connecting (hugging, cuddling, nurturing, listening, etc.). LOVE your voice--fresh and solution-oriented.

I've moved over 26 times--growing up with military officers as parents, as a Marine myself, and now as an Army spouse...and my passion is helping EVERYONE to create and foster healthy relationships. Our son is 3 1/2, and he's moved from Alaska (in utero) to Arizona, to Annapolis (with a deployed dad), to Virginia, and now to New York. Making sure he feels loved, cherished, safe, and secure is my #1 responsibility, and I take it very background is in school counseling as well so I know only too well how critical it is for his development.

I'm taking you up on your request to share and promte your article with my circle of clients/friends, as well as to like you on facebook and twitter--please do the same--so we can continue the dialogue!

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