So much comments and money wasted on the idea of fat people. Controlling fat, limit fat, yet people are still fat. The thing with fat people is they scapegoat it; "It's in my genes", "I can't control who I am.", "Even if I eat so little I balloon!". This is all scapegoating. It's the junk food served to us. Colas, fast foods loaded with lipids and saturated fats are all we eat! The government does not need to police us or the companies - but provide better education! I like how Britain wanted to charge MORE tax on junk foods to allow incentives to buy healthier food - That's a good idea!

Personally, I eat A LOT. All my life I've eated high quantities of food all the time. I work in an office job sitting on a chair, my job does require me to walk around here and there but most times I'm stationery. I probably have less than an hours excersise a day too. But the amount of food I eat shocks my cooworkers because I won't gain weight. Over the winter I put on 20lbs, but now I'm down another 25lbs. Reason? I watch what I eat and am very meticulous about the nutritional contents.