Dr. Karasu,

If the government can forbid people from drinking high caloric drinks and eating processed foods, then where are the mandatory exercise classes and the forced lyposuction? Don't stop at just limiting cup sizes, get people out of their chairs and make them work all that flabby flab off of them.

Hey? Here's a good idea...lets put all fat people in fat camps! Yeah! Force people to go to fat camps run by the government to teach them how bad, bad food industries feed them unhealthy food and that only the government knows what is good and healthy for them.

I know people who advocate for this government ban on unhealthy stuff don't see the slippery slope, but its there. It is not the government's job to tell people what is healthy or unhealthy for them to eat, and DEFINITELY not their job to limit what people can eat or drink. Just like it is not government's job to pay for people's health care. If someone is morbidly obese, that is their fault and their problem, not mine.