I read an article (on this site?) where someone brought up the idea that the more systematic the approach to life, the less religious people were. The more people left their faith to luck, the more religious they were.

I'm thinking, more women depend on man for raising kids. They leave out more of their power when they have those kids, putting more time on family matters and letting good job opportunities slip by.

If women, depend more on external factors than they have power to control their entire faith, I think that in that perspective it would make sense that they are more religious, asking the world, the universe or God for luck or the ability to handle the lack of.

I do see that people in my environment who are religious seem more anxious. I sometimes wonder if they are afraid their God will punish or reject them is they don't do things by THE BOOK. Religion seems to impose a lot of rules, not necessarily letting people follow their own instinct of good or bad. Instead, religious leader seem to impose their own view on their followers.