My parents dropped me off at college with 2 trash bags which contained my clothes and various 'supplies'. They said good luck and left.
I worked an average of 3 jobs while attending classes full time. If I lived at home in the summer I was responsible for paying partial rent and one utility bill (they had 6 kids)
I chose to attend graduate school realizing that a bachelors degree would not be enough to rocket me out of the poverty I had grown up in.
My parents could not and have not ever provided me with any financial support.
I stole my books when I could.
I'm actually sick of screaming about the massive disadvantages that a first-generation college student has when you have no money. If I had chosen a career selling my soul in business I would be making tons of money. But then I look at my sister who became a nurse and she continues to struggle with some kind of poverty mentality (despite how optimistic and deteremined we actually are as people) But the thing that comes up again and again is the lack of emotional and financial support that parents with college experience and money can give to their kids.
I am at that point now in my adult life where I am ready to knock over the little fat girl who knocked me over to get the pink tutu leaving me with the ugly, lime green tutu...I am ready to make and take my choice instead of pretending to be happy and grateful for the leftover, used, stale crumbs of existence.