I really wish I could have read this e-mail over 5 years ago. This article could not be anymore spot on. After years of me having suspicious feelings I still ended up engaged and pregnant with this man. Throughout the time my insecurities made me look/sound crazy. People talked about me as if I was this unhinged person. 2 weeks after I had our son I found the proof in pictures and e-mails. It seriously was the most devastating moment in my life. I definitely lost my mind and gave into the anger and hurt. Thank God I was able to(about 2 years later)finally leave the relationship and have been rebuilding my life ever since. To anyone reading this, if you know that being insecure and jealous are not your nature and you feel as if your significant other is cheating... leave. The heartache and pain that come with holding out for 'evidence' is not worth it one bit!

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