1. I think that the problem many of us have is that we simply don't see our strengths, because they are so natural to us and we believe that everyone does them the same way. But it's not true. Many people will "talk about them" the same way, but when it comes to action, the time when you have to break a sweat, that's when you can spot the difference. It's like asking people, "are you reliable?". Who will say, no, I'm not"? And are all of them reliable?

You said, "I care about he pleasure I get from working on interesting stuff. And I like challenge and I really care about my growth." It will need to be little more specific, but it's a great start. I would search for a niche.

When you say, "I'm not really buing it", what exactly does it mean?

What really helped me was to learn about personalitites. It gave me overall idea how people are different (I didn't see it before). As the starting point I would recommend book by Marcus Buckingham, Stand Out. It's a small book, just couple hundred pages, but will give you many ideas and things to thing about. It's all about perspective...

I would love to help more, but would have to know more and ask more questions (contact me if interested).

Good luck!

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