Good morning, Jeff. One of our students from last year's writing workshop here in CO forwarded this article to me, so I was delighted to see that you were the author. I'm going to forward it to our mailing list now. So much of what you do to get started is what I like to do and often do when I want to get moving. I've learned in the last year, though, that what's also really important for me is to accept that I have long periods of drought that aren't really droughts. If I'm patient, all of the sudden the ideas I've been vaguely thinking about for months, or even years, suddenly come together and want to be worked on. It's an exciting time. I'm in that place now and I'm pretty thrilled by it. In a few months, some new songs will exist! How 'bout that?

I love your advice that we should let our mind's wander. I've always believed this to be where the fun is. It's my favorite part in a lot of ways. But then when I'm re-writing and really getting into the craft of lyrics or prose, that part turns me on too, so I guess it's all good.

Anyway, great to read your thoughts and to be reminded. Thank you!