Left Handed
I travel quite a bit for work and love to write has a hobby. One would think that an airport, plane, taxi and hotel would not be a great environment to write but that’s when things come together. Jet lag has a way to stir the creative side, the chaos of airport patrons mixed with a lack of sleep and a mean time-zone hangover are ingredients to a creatively good time. Random strangers are my cue, when one catches my eye I will guess what their alter ego is; and place them in a story. This character will interact with another stranger in the terminal and so on. It’s entertaining and at times unexpectedly hilarious.

The only drawback is when I am at home my mind only hears crickets and sees an occasional tumbleweed in the distance. The screen is blank, the mirror casts no reflection as the creative mind is sober. Good thing I only have to wait a few more weeks before my next flight.