" In a world increasingly burdened by disagreeability and lack of mutual respect, especially in politics for example ... we are facing total political gridlock in our government institutions . It's obvious a little prudence and attention to long-term affects of unfettered and habitual profane expression is warranted."

This makes sense. In the 80s, 90s and perhaps before that, "venting" was advocated to alleviate inner stress. By venting, I don't mean healthy sharing. I mean ranting, cursing and wanting to be the only one heard. As it turns out, maybe it makes the one venting temporarily feel good, but it stresses out those around them, often even when the listeners are sympathetic. And truly it does not resolve the problem. I've encountered so many who habitually vent, sometimes to sympathetic ears, who do not tolerate dissent. This is called bullying.

Multi-tasking was long advocated as well and is now seen as a great way to damage one's ability to focus. I liken this acceptance of cursing as another trend that will, I hope, disappear in favor of more civility.