Having common sense has never been a prerequisite for academically bestowed titles. You just have to regurgitate what you memorized (much which is wrong to start with), which somehow gives you license to spew utter nonsense as fact. Cognitive studies, on the other hand, have proven that "acting out" kind of behaviors as recommended here only have short-term beneficial effects, and they usually do more damage in the long run. All the studies regarding profanity also show that those who do it regularly are generally less agreeable and less conscientious than the general public, and that the presumed benefits described here are less profound for those who do it regularly than compared to the general public. In a world increasingly burdened by disagreeability and lack of mutual respect, especially in politics for example ... we are facing total political gridlock in our government institutions . It's obvious a little prudence and attention to long-term affects of unfettered and habitual profane expression is warranted.