I would teach my child to swear even when I don't like it. If that can help him in any way be healthy and possibly improve his self esteem, and help him learn to stand up for his rights especially against some idiots, who think that just because they are unhappy, everyone should be. But I am afraid of what they would do to him. Other than that I don't personally have issues with swearing. I find that most "well-mannered" people, unless they are that way because it comes from their heart. They are hypocrites. Also, I would rather have an honest friend that will tell me to "f off", or slap me when I get out of line. Than a hypocrite, that will go behind my back, complaining about how I make him furious, although he never told me what bothers him so I can stop it.

I know half of my post is out of topic. But I had to say it.