This is an excellent article, and gave me a lot of insight as to why I have had relationship and boundary issues my entire life. I have autonomy issues with my "Self" too, rebelling the self discipline needed to do things for my own good. I'm certain this is a need for autonomy gone awry, from an oppressive rearing, but never-the-less, I have the same arguments over and over with myself, like about flossing my teeth. I know I should, but I don't want to. I want the reward, health and wellness, but don't like flossing. I couldn't figure out how to make myself do things that are good for me but I didn't want to do. So a technique I've developed for things like this is it's a non-negotiable task. I've already "had this conversation and made a decision" (with myself), and I "agreed" it's something I need to do. I made a microcompromise with myself ,with the result I am happier with my own "self", and stopped wasting time on some of these endless daily necessities. I also now make my bed when I get up based on the same "non-negotiable" decision. It works, and has helped me change some self-defeating behaviors.

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