Bullshit m8, they are evil alright. I have been on the receiving end of a male psycopath who goes out with my pig headed cousin and let me tell you something anon. This person who I met 3-4 times prior to him moving into my house in Feb this year when I moved back from Australia and brought a house near chch took full advantage of me behind my back. This is a story for everyone to read. This psycopath stole my eft pos card 3 times in 5 months. The first 2 times I couldn't prove it, and I gave him a fair chance the third time I kicked him straight out, and that was six weeks ago. He did small amounts of damage to my house which I have fixed since. His room stunk he was messy and he kept weapons such as Jimmy bars and Stanley knives in his bedroom, he had porn mags of old ladies under his bed as well. I forgot to mention, he stole money out of my car as well and could keep a straight face when I approached him about what had happened. This guy told me a story of when he was In Sydney in 2006 he worked as a barman and one day stole 17,000 dollars out of his bosses safe and then did a runner to Thailand and then came back to Christchurch. this prick is as shallow as it gets. A week before my eft pos card was last stolen he got smart to me in my own house I got up slammed him into the ground and he still wanted to go so I ripped his tshirt clean off him and then begged for me not to hit him. It was wet outside and it was 10 pm so I didn't kick him out.
Anyway, so the real story begins, I had a french girlfriend who I dated for about 18 mths in Perth until we broke up when she came out here in June. This girl is a psychologist, finished uni in Lyon France 2 years ago, still lives in Perth and has yet to work as a psychologist instead she works as a waitress in a cafe in my Lawley Perth. A nice girl as she comes across I noticed a few things about her. We lived together for 12 mths in east Perth and we would go to the supermarket together and I noticed she shoplifted when doing self checkouts, she was quick and got away with it, I told her she didn't need to do that as I had worked away fifo prior to meeting her. But she did it again and again until after the 4th time I decided not to go shopping with her again. We spoke about alot of things... She told me she had a mentel disorder in her early 20s, she's now 28...I would have never known this but she spoke about this. It took her 7 years to complete her 5 year psychology degree. One thing is, she never had a filthy temper, but she had a couple of breakdowns and said that I broke her heart when I had truely done nothing and couldn't work out why she was saying this. When I was out with a friend or out at the gym sometimes my ringer volume was down on my phone, not on purpose maybe I accidentally knocked it, but she would miss call me upto 20 times in one go...she was protective and she tried to mother me when I didn't need to be mothered, for crying out load I'm 8 years older then her. I had been married previously b4 I met her, so I could well and truly look after myself. I would go to the gym nearly every day and do weight s so I have a good body, I train hard...she used me as a tool and would show me off to her french friends, they all thought I was alright and was a good guy. So as it goes I come back to nz in Feb buy a house get this scumbag into the house because he can't get a place anywhere else. My girlfriend comes over 4 mths later we speak and txt every day as you do...she stays for 2 weeks as its just a holiday and plans on coming over later this year. The 2nd week she's here I'm having to work long hrs as I'm a builder my house mate decides to do ish work early he's a labourer and I finally realize weeks down the track after she leaves and we break up he was fucking her. I told her he was a psycopath, and it seemed to go through one ear and out the other. I never got sex that last week she turned into a dog. Here they are having it off in my house when at work. I never new this at the time, but figured everything out later. Since her leaving she changed her numbers and took herself of Facebook after starting a smear campaign against me to her friends. This is guilt big time, and here I am on the re eiving end, and both won't admit to what they have done but its so bloody obvious. I don't talk to her now, he destroyed our relationship and stole money, my cards and did small amounts of damage to my house and I know he pissed on my lawn I'm several different places while I have been out. Since kicking him out he broke into my house twice and stole my iPad and new shoes to support his meth addiction. He has been tapping into my mobile phone from a different internet source, hes a stalker and all round bad cunt!!!

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