In my experience with failed relationships, there have been many different reasons why they fail. The common denominator is not paying attention to the persons personality, and demeanor. I often see its near impossible for a person to change their personality and traits that enforce what makes their personality what it is.
I see that lack of communication, physical attraction, or sexual chemistry is a huge part of it. I have seen relationships fail from abusive or manipulative types of behavior, or co dependency. Jealousy, insecure and needy people who become pushy and overbearing, requiring more than what most people who are well balanced and stable will give. Infidelity is another reason why relationships fail. Mistrust is a huge reason that I have ended my past relationships, because after it happening a couple times its impossible to understand what is the truth and its exhausting, especially more so when the lies are about the most simple things, trivial and meaningless stuff that just sets you up to constantly work overtime trying to figure out what is true and how to connect all things together to make sense and its too much. Just having different goals, or long term asperations will help couples drift apart. Mental illness is the last thing that comes to my mind as often people don't recover and stay on their meds and just do and act so impulsively or inaproperiate that its too much to bare, as they are incapable of having a healthy relationship in most cases. I am referring to severe mental illness as bi polar especially, as I have seen this many times.

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